How can I create an online course that sells automatically?

If you want to create an online course and a funnel that actually sells that online course then you’re in the right place.

I’m going to break down the simplest most straightforward way to sell your course automatically.

There are so many trainings out there to show you how to create an online course, but they typically don’t show you how to sell it, right?

Now you’re sitting there with your new course, and no students.

Now you’re wondering...

  • Am I priced right? 
  • Am I talking to the right people? 
  • How can I sell my course without being sales-y?

Then you get a sale. OOH! Yay, party. 🎉

But then it seems like the party ended before it even really got started because you can’t seem to make consistent sales.

When you decided to create a course, I’m sure you didn’t think it would be so hard to sell, right?

What did you actually want?

  • Was it consistent payment notifications?
  • Was it testimonials and people excited to get results with you?
  • Was it enough money each month to actually call yourself a business owner?

If that's what you want then I'd love to invite you to...

5 steps to automated course sales

Steps to


Course Sales

Everything you need to finally create a course that sells.

And if you already have a course, I'll show you exactly what to do to make sales without feeling sales-y.

The best part?

You'll create an automated sales process so you can sell your course over and over again.

Ready to finally launch your course?

What you're getting...

Part 0 - The $5,160 in 9 Days Case Study
* See behind the scenes of a live course launch that later became an automated sales funnel

Part 1 - Creating an Online Course That Generates Consistent Sales

* How to Speak to the Right Audience
* How Make Sure Your Course Will Sell Before You Launch
* How to Get Sales From a Cold Audience
* How to Make More Sales from a Stale List
* How to Make Sales Without a List
* The Fastest Way to Create a Sales Page That Sells For You

Part 2 - The Anatomy of an Automated Funnel

* The Fastest Way to Create a Landing Page
* How to Capture Payments
* How Many Emails To Use to Follow Up
* The 2 Most Important Ingredients for an Automated Course Sales Funnel
* How to Maximize Sales to Existing Clients

BONUS - The IG Ads Hack

5 steps to automated course sales


create an online course latisha styles

It was just a few months ago that I decided that I had enough.
I was relying on coaching sales to help me reach my income goals.
I was tired of sales calls and I wanted a guaranteed income stream.

Sorta like a paycheck.

So I worked on an automated course sales funnel.

One that didn't rely on launches...
Sales calls...
Or even me promoting it via social media...

...I wanted an automated funnel to sell my course.

I started thinking about what I did in the past for live launches of my course.

Then I blended that with my automated strategies for getting coaching clients and boom!

In February I made $1,707 with under $100 in ad spend.

I immediately thought that some of these sales might have come from my current email list, but the crazy thing is that I wasn't even promoting this course at the time!

I was promoting a completely different course that went on to generate $5,160 in 9 days.

That's when I realized that I could create these small automated course funnels and each one could collect a passive income paycheck.

I knew I would have to put the work in upfront, but all of that work would be worth it every time I got a payment notification.

If that's what you want, then this is the workshop for you.

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