Where should I send your training?
*I don't even eat spam.*
Are you a coach or consultant still trying to figure out how to gain clients online?

Not sure what to offer so you can gain clients online?

Then this challenge is for you!

Gain your next client in this 5 day challenge!
"I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. 
I know my client is out there I just don't know how to find them."

Sound familiar?
I've created this 5 day challenge that is going to help you get CLEAR on WHO you want to gain as a client, 
WHAT you can offer them, 
and exactly WHERE to find them!

By the end of the Gain More Clients Challenge you WILL know exactly how to gain your next client.

“I gained 3 new clients!”

LaTisha helped me gain clarity in my business. Before working with her I had a hard time connecting my story to my services, but she helped me connect the two. She also gave me clear guidelines on what my next steps should be. 
Before, I felt scattered and my ideas and services were all over the place. She helped me narrow my focus.

I’ve gained 3 new clients since working with her and my website hasn’t even launched yet. She’s helped me go over the copy for my 5-day e-mail course and gave me great suggestions on what to add. Her feedback on what to include on my website was extremely beneficial, things that I hadn’t even thought to include on my own. I’m so glad I had her there to help guide me instead of stumbling in the dark on my own. LaTisha was my flashlight. – Candice Marie, Graphic Designer,
That is a promise I am CONFIDENT I can deliver on.

Each day you will have a short assignment.

These tasks are based on the exact assignments I give my private coaching clients that pay thousands to work with me.

I broken down the TOP most EFFECTIVE steps that each of my SUCCESSFUL clients takes.

And we're going to create coins, in other words, you're going to gain more clients that are ready to pay you!

Ready to join?
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