Make all the sales you want without being sales-y, desperate, or sleazy!

Sales can be frustrating.

On one hand, you don't want to harass people.

But on the other had you know you have what they need.

Do you feel like your sales pitch and marketing skills are not at their full potential?

And if you just knew what to say that you could make more sales?

Then this challenge is for you!

During the #SummerSales Challenge, we're going to fix all that. 

"I want to make sales but I don't want to seem sales-y!"

Sound familiar?

Sales doesn't have to be hard!

* Do You Know How To Say The Right Things That Cause Your Ideal Client To Buy?

* Is There Such Thing As Over Promotion?

* Do Enough People Know About Your Offer?

* Is The Price Too High?

* Are You Attracting Qualified Leads?

If your elevator pitch is as boring as actually riding an elevator...

...then this is the exact challenge you need.

Here's what you'll discover in this 21 day challenge.

  • Becoming a Confident Sales Superstar
  • How to Listen for the Early Yes
  • Ethical Exaggerations That Create Enthusiastic Buyers
  • Sleek Sales Transitions
  • How to Close with Ease and Focus.. Even When the Prospect Tries to Distract You!

By the end of the #SummerSales Challenge you WILL have confidence to make offers and close sales.

That is a promise I am CONFIDENT I can deliver on.

Each day you will have a short assignment.

These tasks are based on the exact assignments I give my private coaching clients that pay thousands to work with me.

I broken down the TOP most EFFECTIVE steps that each of my SUCCESSFUL clients takes.

And we're going to start #CreatingCoins, in other words, you're going to make sales with more clients that are ready to pay you!

Ready to join?

Student Results

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